Getting Started

User: Your Zelcash Wallet Address
Worker: Anything you like to use
Pass: X
Algorithm: Zelhash 125,4
Pers value: ZelProof
URL: stratum+tcp://
High Diff port : 2002

nVidia Miner:
MiniZ: Download
nVidia or AMD Miner:
lolMiner: Download
Gminer: Download

Miniz (1.4o): miniZ.exe --server --port 2001 --user [WALLET].[WORKER] --par 125_4 --pers ZelProof
Gminer: miner --algo 125_4 --server --port 2001 --user [WALLET].[WORKER] --pass x
lolMiner: lolMiner --coin ZEL --pool --port 2001 --user [WALLET].[WORKER] --pass x
ZEL Community Pool FAQ

What is the pool fee?

The standard pool fee is 1.5%.
Occasionally, the Zel Foundation will run promotions that may reduce the fee.
To encourage spreading the hashrate, the Zel Foundation may also raise the pool fee.
The current pool fee is prominently posted on the homepage of the Zel Community Pool.
How do payouts work?

The Community Pool software keeps track of the amount of ZEL mined by each worker address.
Payouts take place regularly every few minutes for any addresses that have mined at least 10 ZEL.
Once the minimum threshold of 10 ZEL has been reached, whatever balance has been mined by the worker address will be paid.
The current balance may be tracked on the Worker Stats page:
Have other questions about mining ZEL on the Community Pool?

Please visit the Community Pool channel on Discord: